DIY Patch Making
Saturday, 3pm

Make your own patches! Georgia will bring fabric, card, scalpels and paint, and can advise you on your own creations.

Introduction to Live Sound Tech
Saturday, 4:30pm

Ever wanted to know your way around a PA? Sound engineering isn’t as hard as it looks, and a surprisingly useful skill. Chloe will give you a crash course in the technical stuff behind it and even a bit of hands on experience to boot!

Queer Consent
Sunday, 1:30pm

With Lily.

Queer Desi Identities
Sunday, 3:15pm

With AK – they say:
Hi, I’m AK . I’m really interested in organising and healing in QTIPOC spaces, and reclaiming queerness as a person of color. My major areas of interest are decentering literature, language and art. I’m into Indie Bollywood movies, making playlists and watching makeup tutorials